Abaut Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston is one of the most representative brands in Britain, being incredibly unique and immediately recognizable. Everywhere I see it, whether it is a shopping bag carried by an old lady or a wallet coming out of the purse of a teenager, it brings me back to England and to its rituals and symbols.
The products of this brand are classy, cute and casual at the same time, but what puzzles me most about them is how they are liked, enjoyed and worn by people of any age. There is no such a thing as generation gaps when it comes to Cath Kidson: moms, teenagers, young women and old ladies like it. As for me, I have just fallen in love with a bag that represents the soberness and elegance that this famous brand can give to every outfit in every occasion.
We are used to see very cute, sweet and flowery patterns on Cath Kidston products, but this is quite an unusual one, designed in a very classy minimalistic style. It is a slim leather cross body bag, and the leather is soft and resistant at the same time. The cross-body strap is adjustable, and the bag itself includes many pockets where you can keep all those handy things that you always have to look for in the depths of your bag in the very worst moments
(a few examples: looking for your Oyster card right before going out of the tube, your phone when you are waiting for an important call, your keys when it's raining and you are in front of the door, and so on. You probably know the feeling).
The colours are in style with this autumn's atmosphere and trends. I feel like I have found the right bag for the right season!